Feral Cat TNR

We are a small but high volume 501c3 non profit that specializes in feral cat TNR (trap, neuter, return). Spaying and neutering of feral cats is the humane way to help prevent overpopulation. Unaltered males will fight and get injuries and females can have up to four litters a year, and when not getting pregnant, increase their chances of getting pyometra every heat cycle they go through, which is a painful infection in the uterus that often leads to death.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

We book bulk appointments for spay and neuter at The NOAH Center in Stanwood and offer unused spots to the public. We charge a $15 fee on top of the spay or neuter costs that help with automobile maintenance, gasoline and the price of the microchip that we include with all kitties we help fix.

Feral born litters

While we try to fix and prevent as many as we can, there are multitudes of kittens born outside year around. We trap, tame, fix, vaccinate and microchip these babies and find them good homes. Since we are so small, we will also reach out to larger places like Seattle Humane, Seattle Area Feline Rescue, Motley Zoo and PAWS to help us with cats and kittens.

Mom’s last litter

Unfortunately we no longer accept in kittens for a mom’s last litter, however there are many rescues that do. We stay way too busy with kittens born on the ground and have not been able to help those on the ground born to feral moms because of being too full with tame kittens born to pets. We are one of very few organizations who work with ferals, so we want to stay in our lane and continue to help them. Please search around for rescues to do a mom’s last litter though. They will pay to fix and vaccinate your mom in exchange for the kittens. Any kitten given away free without being fixed is part of the problem with overpopulation. Those kittens will have kittens and it is a vicious cycle.



FERAL: A feral cat cannot be touched. They lack human socialization and you cannot pet them, or likely even get close to them to even try.

We do not charge to come help TNR ferals, however there are expenses that we incur. We accept donations whether it is monetary, gas cards or wet or dry food.

Feisty Felines is run by just two women who spend their free time helping cats. The more that homeowners and colony caregivers can help us by setting and watching traps, the more time we have to help others.


We are always in need of foster homes during kitten season (March-November primarily). If you have a spare bathroom or can set up a kennel we loan you and have spare time to spend holding feral born kittens, please join our team of amazing fosters.