Spay and Neuter Transport Service

Choose a date below to register for low cost spay and neuter services. Feisty Felines will transport your cat(s) from my residence in Scott Lake/Tumwater to The NOAH Center in Stanwood, WA. Drop off time is between 4:30am-5am and pickup is 7:30pm same day. Spots are limited and fill up fast.

Female spay + microchip: $65

Male neuter + microchip: $45

Additional services can be purchased at checkout. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND your cat having an FVRCP vaccine AT LEAST 3 days prior to transport or be current on this vaccine as kitties are in close proximity with each other and Pan Leukemia is highly contagious. We do not know what any public person’s cat has been exposed to and would prefer the vaccine to be up to date just in case. We are not responsible for any illnesses or vet bills if you choose to ignore this recommendation. But more importantly, for the health and safety of the kitty, please go to the feed store and buy the vaccine and administer it yourself. (it is very easy and there are videos online – AND it is cheaper than adding the vaccine on at checkout.)  

When going through the registration, please register/complete the transaction ONE time PER cat as we need to collect info about each cat and those fields cannot be duplicated.

Thursday Nov 11 – NO FEMALES – Check back later

Wednesday November 24