Choose a date below to register for low cost spay and neuter services. Feisty Felines will transport your cat(s) to The NOAH Center in Stanwood, WA.

Choose a Date: (this time of year is crazy, and we only have a few spots available on each date)

Sunday, May 28 – NOAH Clinic, starting in Scott Lake

Sunday, June 11 – NOAH Clinic, starting in Scott Lake

Sunday, June 25 – NOAH Clinic, starting in Scott Lake

PLEASE NOTE: Sadly, the new location just didn’t work out and we are moving back to Misti’s home as the start location (Scott Lake) – starting May 7, the drop off time will be 4:30-5AM. Please make note which start location you sign up for. I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

*We have spots held back for us for rescues that may come in, so if you would like to get on a “cancellation list”, please reach out through email or Facebook messenger (preferred).


Female spay + microchip: $70

Male neuter + microchip: $50

*Additional services can be purchased at checkout.

SNAP VOUCHERS: If you live in Thurston County and need to apply for a snap voucher to help offset costs, please go to, or to Joint Animal Services (make sure it is a SNAP voucher from the shelter) – please note that the NOAH Center does NOT take vouchers for male cats because the price is the same. This is for female cats or mom + litter. If you have a snap voucher or have more questions, please contact us for assistance for registering.

When going through the registration, please register/complete the transaction ONE time PER cat as we need to collect info about each cat and those fields cannot be duplicated.

Please Note:

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND your cat having an FVRCP vaccine AT LEAST 3 days prior to transport or be current on this vaccine as kitties are in close proximity with each other and Pan Leukemia is highly contagious. We do not know what any public person’s cat has been exposed to and would prefer the vaccine to be up to date just in case. We are not responsible for any illnesses or vet bills if you choose to ignore this recommendation. But more importantly, for the health and safety of the kitty, please go to the feed store and buy the vaccine and administer it yourself. (it is very easy and there are videos online – AND it is cheaper than adding the vaccine on at checkout.)

Carrier Tips:

Here are standard cat sized carriers. The smallest – we call “kitten carriers” are best for kittens 4m and younger.  Once they get bigger, they get cramped in the carrier for a long day. These carriers are 19″ and just too small for adults. The middle is the size we strive for – it is a 24″ carrier. This fits most adults and “teens”. The bigger is great for big tom cats or pleasantly plump ladies 😉

We do have to fit 40+ cat carriers in the van, so please no large dog kennels – if that is all you have, please try to borrow from a friend, check second hand stores, or if all else fails, we will likely have an extra on hand to loan for the day. The carriers also get stacked, so please no soft sided carriers.