What type of commitment do I need to give?

We ask that our fosters are able to spend time with the kitties daily for human socialization while they’re in your care. Fostering can range anywhere from 6-8 weeks for nursing moms and babies, so short-term 3-7 day fostering. We ask that our fosters let us know if they need a break (because we totally understand), so our fosters can do as much or as little as they like.

What are the requirements for becoming a foster?

Fosters need to have adequate space in their home to be able to place a kennel (for feisty kittens), or a room or spare bathroom (for adults or moms and litters), as well as have the time to spend with them for socialization purposes. Our kitties also get mandatory dewormer treatments and fosters need to be able to give that medicine to them routinely so we ensure we have healthy kitties at adoption time. Our kitties are not supposed to freely mingle with resident pets – especially during a quarantine period of 2-4 weeks since we don’t know what they may have been exposed to.

How many animals would I foster at a time?

That depends on you. A common litter is 3-5 kittens, but could be more (in which at times we have split litters between multiple fosters). 

I have other pets at home. Is that okay?

Absolutely! We just ask they not freely mingle during quarantine periods and it is always best to wash hands during that period before handling your pets.

Do I need to have transportation?

Having transportation is definitely helpful as we stay extremely busy and it is nice when fosters can come to us if needed for pickup or drop off or supply trips. If you are relatively close to one of us, we can work things out. The best thing to do is contact us and we can discuss. 


How can I adopt?

 Our kitties are listed on Petfinder when they’re available for adoption. Keep an eye on our page and apply when you see someone you fall in love with.  

What is the adoption fee?

Our adoption fees are $125/1 or $210/pair of kittens, or $75 for an adult. We discount those rates if we have kitties who are shy still and the discount depends on the level of shyness. We like to reward an adopter financially for taking the time to finish bringing a kitty out of their shell, though the accomplishment alone is rewarding. 

Can I place a deposit to hold a cat/kitten?

No. Sorry, we do not pre-adopt kitties because we stay so full that we may send a litter off to a larger rescue so we can make room for others in need. 

What is included when I adopt?

Kitties will be fixed, microchipped, we combo test for FELV/FIV solos that come in or one from a litter (or mom if we have her), they have had their vaccine series started, been given flea treatment and dewormers. 

Is there a waitlist?

We are first come, first serve (upon approved applications). 

Can I do a meet and greet first?

We are foster-based and rounding up kittens from fosters takes precious time plus adds stress to the kitty. What we do is a “meet/potential adoption” – if you love them, you can take them home that day.

How long does the process take?

We generally post kitties about a week before they get fixed/are ready for adoption. When you have applied, please give us 24-48 hours to respond as we all work full-time jobs and run the rescue in our free time. Also, be sure to check your junk box just in case the email gets in there by mistake! 


How do I become a volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! The best way is to contact us and let us know what types of things you would like to help with, where you are located /contact info and your availability. 

What are the requirements?

Volunteers must be able to drive/have transportation. 

What is the time commitment?

This can vary from an hour for a random kitty errand, to a full day for spay run drivers (if you are so in ones to help with that).

Does this qualify for my court-ordered community service hours?

Yes!! We have had folks with non-violent charges do their community service with us and it was a win for both!

Can I receive credit for service hours for school?

Yes! We have had high school students help us with things – transportation is a must. 

Do I need any training or prior experience?

Most of our volunteer activities are going to be more “errand” type things and no training is required. April – June we have a concession stand, so if high schoolers wanted to pair with an adult (one of us or their parent), we would love help running the stand too, and that would require a night of “training”/shadowing. 


How and when do you get called to help?

Folks reach out to us through our Contact Us page on the website, text or Facebook messenger – all hours of the day and night. We respond as soon as we are able.

What sort of situations do you get called for?

We get asked to help with a wide variety of cat related things, however, we specialize in feral cat TNR (trap, neuter, return) and saving kittens from the ground, so asks for help tend to be feral cat populations that need to be fixed (TNRd), kittens seen on property, bottle babies found and the like. 

Can I call you if I know of an animal in need of help?

You can absolutely contact us. We will do what we can as soon as we can – even if that is just giving other resources. 

Do you only help cats?

We specialize in cats, yes. We just cannot do it all. Though if we personally come across any animal in need we will help it. We have helped a pig, bird, goat, bunny, dogs and even a snake!!

What is a feral cat?

A feral cat is a WILD cat – one that you cannot touch. The word feral often gets misused for any outdoor “free roaming” cat. We specialize in the wild ones that need to be trapped and leave the friendly ones to the multitude of rescues that help only tame cats. 

Will you accept the kittens I found?

We will do what we can. We are small and are foster based and can only do so much. 

What should I do if I found a stray cat?

Please turn a stray, friendly cat into your local shelter. If that is not an option (example, you are in the city of Chehalis or Centralia limits and the shelter will not accept them), please talk to neighbors, make posts ok lost and found pages, print flyers, notify the city police (if the only animal control is run by the police) to report the cat. You can also contact rescues that specialize in friendly cats to see about getting placement for them. 


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